2018 here we go!

2017 was one heck of year to say the least. Jilian and I added our fourth child to the mix (Winter), I was able to work with some pretty incredible and talented people, traveled, camped, swam, drank far too much coffee, changed up the look and feel of my work, and found a new way to define myself both as a photographer and a father. Yes 2017 brought it's challenges, but for the first time I can step back and say it shaped me in the ways it needed to. That being said...

Here's to 2018! I've never been more driven going into a new year. Never held myself so fearlessly, and never had as much desire to create some of the best work in my life, yet I'm totally ok with failing (because let's face it that's bound to happen).

Here's to creating, failing, trying, failing again, getting back up, and fearlessly looking ahead at what the new year has in store. Here's to embracing the beauty of our imperfection!

Now I'm going to feed my kids, grab a coffee, and get to work.


Photographer Ryan Pavlovich in the desert