A mini session in the home studio with Chris Lai.

Working with kids is probably one of my favorite subjects. You never really know what you'll end up doing on set which is what keeps it so exciting. From the funniest conversations, to jumping around right alongside the models, there's not much that beats getting to know, and work with some of the most amazing kids.

A while back I connected with Chris Lai, who is a ten year old that was looking to do his first photoshoot. Chris was one of the most interesting kids I've worked with. He was so cool and collected in front of the camera, and you would think he'd done this plenty of times. We had a great conversation about how he had made his own bubble gum with his family, and I'm not talking about just a couple pieces either - more like a pound of it!

After having so much fun working with Chris, I have been thinking about setting up a few mini sessions sometime down the line in my home studio. I'd love to meet some more little rockstars, and create some fun photos, so I'll be working on some details and posting in the future but if you're interested in a mini session I'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime here's a few of my favorite images from the shoot with Chris.

 Studio photogrpahy session with Ryan Pavlovich
 Kids portrait session - Ryan Pavlovich
 Lacing up - Ryan Pavlovich
 Portrait of boy smiling in hat - Ryan Pavlovich
 Shoe details - Ryan Pavlovich
 Kid portrait session - Ryan Pavlovich Photography