Portraits of Creatives - Andy Madeleine

Photographer and director Andy Madeleine came by to be a part of our creative portrait sessions. It's always a pleasure to be around Andy, and even better to get a chance to talk one on one with him. During our shoot we talked about creativity, life, and everything in between, but what struck a chord with me was when he mentioned that he hoped to take more time this year to document his family.

It's crazy how most artists often dive into their work so deeply that they often overlook the things, people, or moments that matter the most. If you're an artist reading this (thank you); but take a second to think about the last time you documented your family in some way, and what do those images. drawings or whatever artform, mean to you? With the holidays quickly approaching many people are getting plans set to visit loved ones or spend time with those that are the closest to them. After re-finding my notes from this shoot and our conversation I hope Andy has found time to do what he wished and I hope I can remember to take some time this holiday season to truly document the ones that mean the most to me the way I truly see them. 

Thank you Andy, for the great conversation and for inspiring us to look at the beauty in the moments inbetween.

See Andy's work on his Instagram and Website