Behind the scenes on our latest personal project.

In a tribute to the many days and hours spent with friends riding bikes, skateboarding and just being a kid; we wanted to recreate a classic scene of hanging out on a hot summer day at the corner store. Along with the amazingly talented Brooklyn and Hunter of Zuri models and talent reliving those carefree days was too much fun.

While we work on the final images, we thought we'd share a few great behind the scenes shots from our awesome models parents to give a little glimpse of the day. 

Behind the scenes with

Brooklyn showing the camera some attitude.

Ryan on set with Brooklyn and Hunter - The Skulls

Hunter and Ryan talking skateboards and such. What else would you want to be discussing...

Behind the scenes - The Skulls

Such a huge thanks goes out to everyone for making this shoot come together! We'll be sharing the final images soon.