Exploring with The Little Design Co., Jellycat Plush, and Littles Collection.

A while back we received an amazing little leather bag from The Little Design Co. and we've been waiting for the right opportunity to take it out to get some photos. Since the hills are beginning to change from green to their standard tans, we found the perfect spot for a shoot.

Keeping things simple, we put Ever in her favorite sun suit from Littles Collection, and packed Harriet the bunny from Jellycat Plush and went for a walk. It's always so much fun exploring with little ones because their imagination runs wild! Ever was singing and yelling and totally in her own world as kids are the whole time. Following our hidden trail in the hills enjoying the views "and songs from Ever", we'd spend about any day working like this!

 Exploring with The Little Design Co. and Jelly Cat Plush - The Skulls
 Top of the mountain yell - The Skulls
 Stopping to take a quick rest with bunny - The Skulls
 Hiking with the essentials - The Skulls
 Exploring with the essentials - The Skulls
 Exploring the hills of LA