Macrame Artist - Sally England studio visit

We recently spent the day with macrame artist Sally England in her incredible Ojai based studio. Sally is one of the most talented and dedicated people we know, and her work fully shows her passion and commitment to her craft.

Walking into Sally's studio was a dream, with all white walls, a clear ceiling, and one of the best color palettes we've been able to work with, our jaws dropped when we first saw the space. While having a great conversation over our views of art and creativity, we worked in various areas of her space, making sure to catch details of the textures and intricacies that add to her unique style of work. After spending some time in the studio Sally invited us into her living space, where we got to photograph her and her cat in front of a massive wall hung piece which was out of this world.

Thank you again Sally for letting us spend some time in your world!

You can find more of Sally's work on her website -  

Sally England in front of her quaint studio space - The Skulls
Fibre artist Sally England in her Ojai studio - The Skulls
Sally England working in her Ojai studio - The Skulls
Sally England at home with her cat - The Skulls
Sally England macrome and fibre artist in studio - The Skulls