Seeing the everyday in a new light.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm terrible at looking at my own house as a location to shoot in; however I've been pushing myself to see the day to day differently and have been excited about a few recent images I've gotten from home. I'm lucky enough to have an amazing wife who's great with interior design and happens to love (I mean really love) white, and neutrals so it does make it a great starting point (when it's picked up haha). I've also been really pushing to work with natural light more with my work as there's just no beating it let's be honest here.

The first couple images, I really wanted to focus on working with a product in a classic way so when I saw my daughter sitting on the couch I tossed her my phone and headphones and said put on a favorite song. Almost the next day I was just about to get the bedtime routine going when I saw my youngest walking down the hallway in this amazing light! I quickly "cleaned up" the background (aka shoveled all the junk I could see out of the way) tossed an Old Navy romper on her and let her play. Soon enough Ever had to join in so I was able to get two little models which was awesome.

I've been loving working with the light and what I can come up with around the house. It's been challenging and exciting and has certainly opened my eyes up a bit to shooting the everyday things in a new way.