Images from our shoot with Ruggish are live.

We had the privilege of working with Ruggish on a few images for their new website not to long ago. If you aren't familiar with what Ruggish is, head over and have a look - they've created an amazing, beautifully stylish, playmat for kids that's two sided, and everything you could want for your space and more.

It was so much fun shooting with our group, from planes, trains, and of course some dinosaurs; we spent the day probably having more fun than anything else. We have to send a huge thank you to everyone at Ruggish and the team of awesome kids that came out for the shoot, I certainly had a few new songs stuck in my head for a couple days!

boy playing on stylish playmat for kids - The Skulls
lifestyle images for Ruggish by The Skulls
detail of play mat and toys for Ruggish Co.
doing yoga with your kids and the amazing Ruggish mat