In the studio with Halston

Halston came to the studio for a session a while back to create some new more commercial looks for her book and Instagram. I decided to bring in some color for a change totally loved it!

Our fist look was so fun with her yellow striped dress against a bright blue backdrop, and of course just for fun I made up some paper airplanes to mess around with.

Girl with paper plane in studio - Ryan Pavlovich
Halston-StoryArtboard 7.jpg

Look two was shot on a bright pink as well as a moody black to mix things up a bit, and because I'm a sucker for a black backdrop. Of course it's hard to beat a vintage Stella McCarthy jacket too, let's be honest here.

Halston-StoryArtboard 5.jpg

Our last look we kept on pink, and classic white and went with a great vintage Levis top Halston had brought with.

The whole shoot was so much fun, and Halston was so full of life, and personality that I can't wait to work with her again.

funny faced girl with pigtails in vintage levis - Ryan Pavlovich
Halston-StoryArtboard 1 copy.jpg
Halston-StoryArtboard 2.jpg