"Ryan has a rough and irresistible energy in his production. There is a James Dean spirit about his work that floats behind the crisp images that he produces.”

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In the studio with Michael Newstead

In the studio with Michael Newstead

Fellow photographer and artist Michael Newstead, called looking to do a shoot recently that I was more than excited to be a part of. Michael is a huge Elvis fan and was looking to create some images of himself with the spirit of the king in mind. After some back and forth, and some incredible vintage finds we were set to hit the studio.

We managed to put together a variety of great Elvis inspired looks from a poppy blue backdrop with some gold chains, bowling shirts and classic casual wear, to a gold jacket with some Ray Ban's on the rooftop. Then taking it back to black to finish it all up in a great classic suit.

Michael brought along his amazing team with grooming by: Francesca Martin and styling by Michael Newstead and Andyishh


It was such an honor working with Michael and everyone on this shoot, and it really has me wanting to do more menswear in the very near future. My favorite look of the day was by far on the black backdrop in the classic suit. There was just something about Michaels persona that changed as soon as we got him in the wardrobe and setting that pulled at the spirit of what we were after.

If you have any questions about this shoot or are interested in working together on your own idea, I'd love to hear from you! Don't be shy fill out the forms we all hate below and I will get back to you right away.

Keep Living -Ryan 

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3 reasons I still love the Fuji X100 - original

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Hunter comes to the studio.

Hunter comes to the studio.