In with the new

So we got tired of the way the website was looking already... Yeah we tend to do that, so we updated the layout again - because Squarespace is amazing and it's so easy to use! 

We haven't been posting much here or on our social media mainly because life has been kicking us in the pants, but we certainly haven't given up on things. Nope, we've been busy moving and setting up our new place and getting back into the swing of school as well as re-working and trying to figure out the direction we really want our work to go.

We've always loved shooting products, and have been working on a direction where we can share our vision of both lifestyle and product work in a way that makes sense visually. 

That being said we hope you guys enjoy the new look of the site and a few new images we've added to the mix. - Ryan and Jilian (The Skulls)