Lonnie Chavis for Posh Kids Magazine

We are honored to have had the chance to work with Posh Kids Magazine and the incredible Lonnie Chavis (star of NBC's This is us) for their latest issue out now! Here's just a small portion of the article:

"Thank you so much Leslie the pleasure was all mine, thanks for letting me shine my light!
I have a friend Khloe Thompson, she has her own charity, called Khloe Kares, and she gives bags with tooth paste, underwear, clothes, and other goods to homeless people. Khloe, is a real-life hero and she taught me that you can make a difference at any age. I want to always give back and help those that are in need for help."

If you get a moment check out Khloe Kares - seriously this girl is amazing!

I don't know too many kids with so much love and compassion for others, so my hats off to you Lonnie and your parents for being such genuine and good people; the world needs far more like you!

A huge thank you to the amazing crew, and Posh Kids Magazine for such a fun day, and to Lonnie and his mom for giving us the time to create some photos together.

Lonnie Chavis for Posh Kids Magazine - Photography by The Skulls
Posh Kids Magazine