Are you ready for summer - because we are.

With the weather warming up here lately, we are getting excited for another summer. For us that means a trip back to Michigan and some time in the water! Last summer while we were back visiting family, we decided to take some photos of the kids at the pool for fun.

Let's be honest here, there's really nothing better than being a kid in the summer with a pool! Running off the deck, jumping through tubes, creating waves, ugh I remember looking forward to jumping in my neighbor's pool growing up every year. We would swim for hours on end until we were either starving or one of our parents would make us get out, so it's really fun to get to see our kids with that same excitement.

So rather than taking photos of the kids in the water we decided to set up a little natural light studio on the deck and have the kids make some faces as they got out of the water. The water added a great element to the images, that was fun and graphic. This series was so much fun we honestly will be doing it again this year. It will be pretty cool to see how much they've all grown, but mainly to see what craziness they bring in front of the camera again.