fuji x100

Get lost every now and then.

A while back we hit the road for an overnight trip to Las Vegas for a good friends wedding reception (which was amazing). On our way home we stopped off to walk around the desert for a minute with the kids to enjoy the view, and get our shoes a little dusty. Dex was loving shooting with the x100 as we roamed around, and though it was windy it turned out to be a fun little break. I have to admit it's awesome to see your son take an interest in the things you love, and honestly he often gets better shots than we do.

Weapons of choice

I know how much I love to see the gear other photographers use. So we thought we'd share our every day set ups. Pretty simple really but here it is.

Leica M6 - typically shot with Kodak Portra 400-800

Fuji X100

Sunglasses - John Ruvin (Murdock) & Ray Bans