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A weekend for flatlays.

A weekend for flatlays.

Have a look at our weekend creating some beautiful flatlay images with some of our favorite companies.

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Dirk Nykamp Designs and The Image Group meet The Skulls

One of our favorite clients called and said they had this guy who makes custom furniture/ interiors and is in need of some photography. Of course we were excited, but we never imagined getting the chance to work with such an amazing team on such a fun project!

We spent two days with Dirk Nykamp Designs  and The Image Group on location and at his massive workshop where he creates some very unique and stunning furniture all from recycled materials. Dirk is hands down one of the nicest guys we've met, and one of the most creative as well. Our first meeting was bright and early on set for day one on some train tracks before sunrise. "Yes we know it sounds corny" however the amazing team from The Image group wanted to create some images for his website of the finished pieces put back into the places they were sourced from. Dirk had found the materials he used in the exact location we brought his amazing table to that morning which was so amazing to us that he would be willing to bring such an incredible piece out onto some train tracks but there we were and we certainly got lucky with an awesome sunrise!

After the excitement of that to start the day we couldn't wait to head over to the workshop during the mid-day sun to shoot some pieces among the piles of unbelievable wood and miscellaneous "stuff - for lack of better term". Next up was this beautiful table made of pickle wood - yes this table was made from the wood that millions of pickles were moved over from the Heinz ketchup factory for years. From there we moved on to a few portraits with Dirk around his shop/ workspace and storage yard, and focused on getting some great details of textures for the website and marketing pieces as well.

Day two was filled with just as much excitement getting to visit two other amazing locations where pieces were sourced from, and also a couple local establishments that Dirk and his team had done the interiors for. Needless to say this was a bit of a dream job for us, getting to hang out with such a creative team and getting to hear the stories behind every piece that Dirk and his team makes.

If you're a fan of custom furniture, pieces that have some great history and stories then do yourself a favor and check out Dirk Nykamp Designs!

reclaimed table on train tracks at sunrise | the skulls
custom table by dirk nykamp designs | the skulls
portrait of dirk nykamp by the skulls
one of a kind custom reclaimed wood table photography by the skulls