"Ryan has a rough and irresistible energy in his production. There is a James Dean spirit about his work that floats behind the crisp images that he produces.”

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There is no magic button to finding your style.

There is no magic button to finding your style.

It takes guts to be an artist today. With so many young talented people popping up everywhere, it's becoming more important to find your personal style and voice than ever. Yes I know I sound like every other creative that's ever written about this, but it's very true. Trust me I've read all those inspirational posts as well looking for the magic answer to how I find my style etc. but sadly it just doesn't exist.

What I can share with you is that developing your style takes time - a ton of it. Sorry, not what you wanted to hear I'm sure... Well the truth is that if you ask any successful artist out there how they developed their style they will probably not have a solid "how to" answer for you. This is because there's not one thing you can do to all the sudden have it. There's no store to go buy it at and you can't order it online (trust me I've looked).

My photographic style has changed dozens of times; from black and white gritty images to food, portraits, weddings, etc. you name it I've tried it; and am still trying things. I love creating images with clean minimalistic style just as much as I love cars, motorcycles, and overloaded textures. Finding a way to blend these images together has been a struggle for me for quite some time, and I'm still working on it every day.

I think getting up and trying everything was the only way for me to figure out what I truly loved creating. Some people just know - they are the ones we all look at googly eyed, but for the rest of us it's about doing the work! If you havnen't read (Do The Work) by Stephen Pressfield, stop reading this and go buy it here; then come back, because in reality it's about waking up unmotivated and uninspired, and picking up the tools and creating anyway. It's about endless hours researching, exploring, and overthinking every detail that puts us into a depression about our work for days. But more importantly, is when we finally build up the guts or just get frustrated with ourselves enough to go out and try... sometimes the magic happens. The excitement of it all comes back, and it almost seems like there's nothing in the world that can get me down.

Well as we all know that feeling doesn't last long but it's also the reason we go through these vicious cycles of emotional highs and lows. I'm learning that both are needed. The highs keep me excited and motivated and the lows are there to humble and teach me. You see  It's these lovely ups and downs that over time truly create your unique style in my opinion.

So, if you want the magic button or answer to finding your style, the only wisdom I can pass along is to keep trying, keep failing, and to do it now vs waiting for the perfect time because it will never happen. Most importantly don't give up!

Below are some images from work that never really was showcased because I didn't feel it was "good enough, or the right style," however I'm looking forward to sharing more personal work very soon.

Portrait of Andy - The Skulls
Mercedes detail - The Skulls
Portrait of boy in leather - The Skulls
Detail of vintage motorcycle - The Skulls
artist portrait shot in Los Angeles California - The Skulls
Lonnie Chavis for Posh Kids Magazine

Lonnie Chavis for Posh Kids Magazine

Exploring with The Little Design Co., Jellycat Plush, and Littles Collection.

Exploring with The Little Design Co., Jellycat Plush, and Littles Collection.