3 reasons I still love the Fuji X100 - original

I don't do much gear talk here, as I generally tend not to geek out much about it; however the one camera that I've had on me every time and place I've shot is the Fuji X100. No sadly this isn't the updated S, T, or F, or Q or whatever version; but none the less this has to be the first digital camera that has truly grabbed my heart.

So I thought I'd share three reasons I just can't let go of this crazy little camera; but first a little history lesson... Back in 2010 (wow that seems so long ago) I first saw a picture of the X100 and I remember being instantly in love. I wanted a camera that could be with me all the time that wasn't my Iphone, and I knew this was the one. Fast forward to today and this camera is still over my shoulder every day. It's been beaten, dropped, sat on, carried through sun, rain, snow, and everything else and has earned every battle wound to say the least.

Skateboarder - Venice Beach Skatepark shot on Fuji x-100

Skateboarder - Venice Beach Skatepark shot on Fuji x-100

Ok so enough history... Reason number one I still love the Fuji X100 original is it's amazing looks. Yes to this day I still get asked if it's a film camera, and truthfully I tend to treat it like one. When Fuji released the first images of the camera it stunned the world and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Being a film shooter the one thing I missed the most was the feel of my Canon FTB and AE-1 Program at the time. So this was an instant must have in my book even if it sucked on every level of being a usable digital camera. Luckily it didn't suck though... but not without limitations which brings me to reason number two.

Harley Davidson tank detail shot on Fuji x-100

Harley Davidson tank detail shot on Fuji x-100

The Number two reason I still love the X100, is all of it's quirks. This camera was a learning experience for me as I'm sure it was for many others. Being limited to one wide lens, and slow auto focus took a bit to adjust to, however once I gave it time I will say that it changed the way I shoot. Some of these quirks made me hate using it for a while, but eventually I would almost miss working with it, and would pick it back up to fall in love all over again.


Finally the number three reason I still love the Fuji X100 is that it's the first digital camera that never truly felt like a digital camera. From day one I was taken back to shooting with my old film cameras. I would compose and take more time with each shot, and I loved not having to carry around more crap than I would ever use. Holding the camera felt different than my Canon digital at the time (massively) and in a great way. It's lighter, more compact, less obtrusive, and feels great in the hand.

However more than cosmetically, when I think about all this camera has photographed it makes me smile. From portraits, to the life around me. The details, and the sad and happy times. The places I've gone, the people I've met, and most importantly my family. Every scratch is a reminder and a memory that I'm proud to say I was a part of, and I hope my kids will one day appreciate the same way.


For me the X100 is the first digital camera that has stood the test of time, which says a lot these days. No it's not a Leica and there's not an insane list of historic photographers that worked with this camera, however I feel like Fuji has taken some of the best parts of the past and merged them damn near perfectly in an ever changing digital world, and for that reason I plan on shooting this machine until it's dead on my wall and hopefully my kids walls someday.

Yes I love this camera so much that I'm just getting back from a four day motorcycle trip to the desert where I took my Canon 5D MKIII and the Fuji X 100 and I can honestly say that I didn't even take the Canon out of my bag once. Four days and not a single frame on the larger "better" camera.




So I'm curious... - is there something in your life that has earned it's battle wounds, or something that you hope to put on your wall when it finally goes? I rarely do the whole comment thing here but I'd love to hear about what any of you hold dear to your hearts in a way that you may someday want to pass along. 


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